Show Finish Detailing

Car Detailing Service
by Show Finish®

At Show Finish Detailing, we bring experience not only from cleaning and detailing vehicles, but also from crafting our own line of premium detailing products.

Show Finish Detailing caters to car enthusiasts who are looking for the finest detailing service available. Our premium services provide you with the best results possible, leaving your car with a “Show Finish” every time. We offer our clients a wide range of services from basic hand washes, interior and exterior detailing, minor paint correction and small scratch and scuff removal, and of course hand waxing. Our level of attention and care will bring your vehicle to a better than new look that will turn heads everywhere you go. We are based in New Jersey and have been offering our products and services since 2017.

Our website is currently undergoing an update. Come back soon for the full version of our site. To get more information about our products or to contact us, please visit our brand page – Show Finish.